Philip Wareing Ltd Methven Golf Club Tournament Draw

TEE #1        
7.53am M Kemp B Rutter J Johnson P Johnson
8.00am M Breach R Breach M Wareing C Cavanagh
8.07am P Wood P Rolton K Middleton S Hammer
8.15am M L Watson L Small S Marr S Burrell-Smith
8.22am S Gallagher J Helmore Hughey Byrne
8.36am A Hughey D Byrne OJ Dobson R Dawber
8.43am Barry Grant W Hallinan K Read P Gorman
8.50am N Peat W McLennan Robyn Hood A-M Middleton
8.57am J Lane K Glass A Mowbray S Bradford
9.04am L Goodson A Valentine P Plimmer CJ Middleton
TEE #10        
7.53am G Foy M Ferris B Innes M Johnson
8.00am P Middleton Goodman B Hampton D Ironside
8.07am R Smith R Hood S Bree R Grant
8.15am T Wilson B Isherwood G O'Duffy E Kemp
8.22am C Burrell-Smith M Smith F Sandys E Grimwade
8.36am J Peat N McLennan B Lister K Sturis
8.43am E Hampton L Schott W Wareing H Middleton
8.50am Daniel Wilson Dean Wilson J Smith L Smith
8.57am M Davies G Overall K Gray W Mellish


TEE #1        
11.16am B Dickson I Knowler P Johnson B Wackwitz
11.23am B Quinn S Doody B Williams N Grant
11.30am J Stara G Scull Gareth Grant Gavin Grant
11.37am M Ryder J Ryder R Esler C Munro
11.51am S Quinn S Smith N Marriott L Watson
11.58am H Blackwell J Evans W Campbell H Ikehata
12.05 noon S Blackburn J Moore B Chinn W Bruce
12.19pm M Wright C Dockrill C Rodgers W Vessey
12.26pm W Collins C Collins P Whitaker T Whittaker
12.33pm C Prescott A Roa G Hargreaves S. Hargreaves
TEE #10        
11.16am J Ree A Wright F Greybe J Anderson
11.23am K Williams P Watson G Hunt S Sutherland
11.30am B Gairdner K Stone R Moore J Blackburn
11.37am T Fitzgerald M Collins S Restieaux D Whittaker
11.51am D Kay N Dilkes N Watson S Emery
11.58am C Williams C Buchanan K Gibson T Wills
12.05 noon A Shadbolt C Mc Dermott P Bell J Senior
12.19pm S Wareing R Maw S Pollock R Early
12.26pm M Smith A Ball A Maxwell R Maxwell
12.33pm H Woolsey K Cockburn C Gorman L McDonald


TEE #1        
7.32am G Foy M Ferris C Burrell-Smith M Smith
7.39am Daniel Wilson Dean Wilson B Innes M Johnson
7.46 am R Smith R Hood T Wilson B Isherwood
7.53am E Hampton L Schott G O'Duffy E Kemp
8.00am S Bree R Grant W Wareing H Middleton
8.15am P Middleton M Goodman F Sandys E Grimwade
8.22am B Lister K Sturis B Hampton D Ironside
8.29am J Smith L Smith M Davies G Overall
TEE #10        
7.32am M Breach R Breach J Johnson P Johnson
7.39am M Kemp B Rutter P Johnson B Wackwitz
7.46 am J Lane K Glass M L Watson L Small
7.53am S Burrell-Smith S Marr A Hughey N Byrne
8.00am S Gallagher J Helmore Robyn Hood A-M Middleton
8.15am P Wood P Rolton A Hughey D Byrne
8.22am K Middleton S Hammer Barry Grant W Hallinan
8.29am K Read P Gorman P Plimmer CJ Middleton
8.36am L Goodson A Valentine OJ Dodson R Dawber


TEE #1        
10.55am K Williams P Watson F Greybe J Anderson
11.02am S Ree A Wright G Hunt S Sutherland
11.09am T Fitzgerald M Collins R Moore J Blackburn
11.16am B Gairdner K Stone S Restieaux D Whittaker
11.30am D Kay N Dilkes K Gibson T Wills
11.37am C Williams E Buchanan P Bell J Senior
11.44am A Shadbolt C McDermott N Watson S Emery
11.58am S Wareing R Maw K Gray W Mellish
12.05 noon H Woolsey K Cockburn A Maxwell R Maxwell
12.12pm S Pollock R Early C Gorman L McDonald
12.19pm J Peat N McLennan M Smith A Ball
TEE #10        
10.55am B Dickson I Knowler M Wareing C Cavanagh
11.02am B Quinn S Doody Gareth Grant Gavin Grant
11.09am J Stara G Scull R Esler C Munro
11.16am M Ryder J Ryder B Williams N Grant
11.30am S Quinn S Smith A Mowbray S Bradford
11.37am H Blackwell J Evans B Chinn W Bruce
11.44am N Peat W McLennan S Blackburn J Moore
11.58am N Marriott L Watson W Campbell H Ikehata
12.05 noon M Wright C Dockrill P Whittaker T Whittaker
12.12pm W Collins C Collins G Hargreaves S Hargreaves
12.19pm C Prescott A Roa C Rodgers W Vessey

Tinwald Golf Club Men & Women

The draw for the 19th Hole tournament 

am American foursome and pm 4BBB to be played on November 18th . Afternoon tee times are approximate only.

Post entries accepted

Please report at least 20 minutes prior to your morning tee time

# 1 Tee

8.00. R Simms, A Barrie, P Kelsall, E Kelsall

8.06 A Roa, C Prescott, K Gray, W Mellish

8.12 J Moore, N Wilson, W Morrison, J Moses

8.18 A & S Gutsell T Cochrane, C Wilson

8.24 B & E Collins, K & M Whiting

#7 Tee

8.00 P Hefford, S Newman, G & K Kenton

8.06 D & J Lewis, N Rayner, J Peacock

8.12 R & I Preece, P Marshall, A Pierce

8.18 R Davis, D Young, D Morrison, R Jamison

8.24 C Whiting, R Wards, C O’Neill, M Bruce,

#13 Tee

8.00 W & M Kerr, R & P Feutz

8.06 C Bain, J Hewitt, B & J Smith

8.12  A & F Peck, C & L Bell

8.18 R & B Kirdy, D Green, M Moore

8.24 B Flannery, J Harrex J & N Webb

Afternoon 4BBB Draw

#1 Tee

12.30 W & M Kerr, P Hefford, S Newman

12.36 A & F Peck, K & M Whiting

12.42 C & L Bell, R & P Feutz

12.48 N Rayner, J Peacock, G & K Kenton

12.54 B & E Collins, D & J Lewis

#7 Tee

12.30 R Simms, A Barrie, P Marshall, A Pierce

12.36 E & P Kelsall, B & J Smith

12.42 C Bain, J Hewitt, A Roa, C Prescott

12.48 A & S Gutsell R & B Kirdy

12.54 J Moore, N Wilson, K Gray, W Mellish,

#13 Tee

12.30 R Davis, D Young, R & I Preece

12.36 C Whiting, R Wards, D Green, M Moore

12.42 D Morrison, R Jamison, J & N Webb

12.48 W Morrison, J Moses, B Flannery, J Harrex

12.54 C O’Neill, M Bruce T Cochrane, C Wilson

Tinwald Golf Club Women

Tuesday 24th October

Val Scammell Trophy

9 Holes drawn partners combined stableford

Report 9.00 for 9.30 start

Starters J. Bruhns M. Smith

Cards V. Hastie

Kitchen D. Bell

Roster convenor J. Bruhns