Mid Canterbury Rugby Draw

Wednesday 19th June 2024

Secondary school Girls U15

  • MC Combined Phoenix V MC Combined Hawkes, Hinds, 5pm

Secondary school Girls U18

  • Roncalli V MC Combined, 5:30pm, Pleasant Point 
Thursday 20th June 2024

1st XV Championship

  • MC Combined v St Thomas, Mt Hutt College, 12:30pm Nathan Forbes – Blair Baxter
Friday 21st June 2024


  • Southern V Celtic, Hinds, 7pm    Phillip Everest 
  • Rakaia/Methven V Pleasant Point, Rakaia, 7pm   Geoff Barr 
Saturday 22nd June 2024 – Allenton Club Day

Senior B – Centennial Mug 

  • Allenton V Collegiate, 2:30PM,    Geoff Barr   AR – Heath Lyttle                              
  • Celtic V Methven, 2:30pm,  Jeremy Robinson 
  • Mt Somers V Hampstead, 2:30pm   Simon Bennett – AR1 Charile Kelland -AR2 Mike Southby 
  • Southern V Rakaia 2:30pm,  Simon Kennedy 


  • Allenton v Waihora, Allenton1, 1:00pm

Teenage Combined Comp 

Under 18

  • Methven v Prebbleton, Methv1, 1:15pm Thomas Stephens 
  • MC Plains v Timaru Boys High, Hinds 1, 1:00 pm Phillip Everest 

Under 16

* please refer to the online draw and app for the most up-to-date time & venue

  • *Prebbleton v MC Plains, 12:00pm, Prebb1
  • *Rolleston v Celtic Combined, 12:00pm, Roll1

Under 14.5

  • MC Alps v Methven, Allt4, 1:30pm  
  • Celtic Combined v Sheffield, Celtic, 1:00pm

Year 8

  • Allenton v Hampstead, All4, 12:00pm 
  • Methven v South/Tinwald Combined, Methven1, 12:00pm
  • Year 8 Celtic/Coll/Rak v Year 7 Rakaia, Celtic2, 1:15pm

Year 7 

  • Allenton v Methven/MtSomers, 11:45am, All1
  • Southern/Tiwald v Celtic/Coll, Hinds1, 12:00pm
  • Year 7 Rakaia v Year 8 Celtic/Coll/Rak, Celtic2, 1:15pm  

Year 6

  • Allenton v Tinwald O, All2, 11:30am 
  • Methven v Collegiate, Methv4, 12:30pm 
  • Southern v Hinds, Hinds3, 1:15pm 
  • Tinwald B v Celtic, Tinwald3, 1:00pm 

Year 5 

  • Allenton v Celtic, All3, 1:00pm 
  • Mt Somers v Hampstead, MtSomers2, 12:30pm
  • Southern B v Celtic/Tinwald, Hinds3, 11:15am
  • Southern R v Methven, Hinds3, 12:15pm 

Year 4 

  • Allenton v Celtic G, Allt2, 12:30pm 
  • Southern B v Methven, Hinds4, 12:15pm 
  • Southern R v Rakaia, Hinds4, 11:15pm 
  • Tinwald v Hampstead, Tinwald4, 12:30pm 
  • Celtic W BYE

Year 3

  • Allenton v Celtic, All 3, 12:00pm 
  • Methven v Hampstead, Methven5, 12:00pm 
  • Southern B v Tinwald, Hinds4, 1:15pm 
  • Southern R v Collegiate, Hinds2A, 12:15pm

Year 2 

  • Allenton G v Allenton M, All6, 12:15pm 
  • Celtic G v Methven, Celtic3A, 1:00pm 
  • Celtic R v Celtic W, Celtic 3B, 1:00pm 
  • Mt Somers v Tinwald, Mt Somers3, 1:00pm
  • Southern B v Collegiate, Hinds2B, 12:30pm
  • Southern R v Rakaia, Hinds2A, 11:30am 

Year 1 

  • Allenton G v Hampstead G, Allenton5, 11:30am
  • Allenton M v Tinwald O, All5, 12:15pm 
  • Celtic v Hampstead B, Celtic3A, 12:15pm
  • Methven W v Methven B, Methven5, 1:00pm
  • Southern B v Collegiate, Hinds2B, 11:45am
  • Southern R v Methven R, Hinds2A, 1:15pm
  • Southern W v Rakaia, Hinds2B, 1:15pm 
  • Tinwald B BYE